Past Diarna Fellows

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    Isaiah Charles

    Art History, Class of 2020. During my fellowship, I had studied churches, cemeteries, and schools in small towns throughout Northern Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, and I had my intellectual interests broadened by a sense of community and support. I was given a space where I could allow my curiosity to take control. With Diarna, I found endless routes to explore!

    This Diarna fellowship gave me room to grow as a writer, thinker, and explorer, and it helped me see that this world is bigger than you or me. Through research, I was given the daring responsibility of discovering historic information and I was able to construct and transfer it in a way that was personal and original — for the team of Diarna fosters a sense of humility and community that embraced the knowledge and skills I came into it with, and supplemented those skills with real-life learning experiences that partnered me with team members who lived all over the world.

  • Former Diarna Fellow, Theodora Alexander

    Theodora Alexander

    Sociology, Class of 2016. I participated in the Diarna fellowship in the summer of 2016. Through this fast-paced fellowship I greatly improved my communication skills, and honed my ability to research and to write in an informational way while maintaining my own writing style. It felt good to be a part of an important scholarly effort to tell untold histories, and to make more permanent sites of Jewish history at risk of disappearance and destruction. The digital element also provided some relevant skills and an insight into the power of digital story telling.

  • Former Diarna Fellow, Esther Lu

    Esther Lu

    Literature, Class of 2017. In building historical archives, it feels like piecing together a mystery, or a puzzle where stories that have taken place so long ago can feel very intimate. I felt like it was a great honor in preserving this history so that it could be passed down from generation to generation. This research experience also helped me to gain the skills and confidence to document my own family stories in Taiwan.