Jewish Studies Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Jewish studies major should emerge with the following knowledge and skills:

Jewish History and Culture

Identify and interpret major events, figures, and topics in Jewish history and culture.


Demonstrate thorough knowledge of the Holocaust as a historical phenomenon.

Develop a nuanced understanding of the cultural dimensions of the Holocaust through an analysis of literature, films, art, and/or music.

Jewish Languages

Develop basic competency in Hebrew (modern or Biblical) or Yiddish.

Critical Analysis

Distinguish between primary and secondary sources.

Evaluate competing interpretations and multiple narratives of the past.

Analyze Jewish cultural sources, including literary texts, films, and music within a broader, cross-cultural context.

Effective Communication

Present clear and compelling arguments, based on critical analysis of diverse literary, historical, film, and/or musical sources, and effectively communicate interpretations in written essays and/or other media.


Classical Period.

Modern Period.