Jewish Studies Minor

Courtesy of the Gross Family Collection

Students whose major area of interest is not Jewish Studies may nonetheless find that a minor in Jewish Studies makes an invaluable contribution to their studies. The Jewish Studies major is helpful for students who plan to do graduate work in Jewish Studies, whether through regular disciplines or in Jewish Studies programs, and also for students who plan to attend rabbinical schools or to find work with Jewish communities. For others with an interest in Jewish topics, but without such plans, a minor in Jewish Studies offers intellectual enrichment and a focus within the student's chosen field. The minor requires a total of eight courses and must include the following:

  • one of the following courses: History 74, An Introduction to Jewish History and Culture; History 74A, Introduction to Middle Eastern and North African Jewish History, Ancient to Early Modern; History 74B, Introduction to Middle Eastern and North African Jewish History, 1500-2000; History 75, Film and the Holocaust; History 76, Hitler and the Holocaust; or Literature 61J, An Introduction to Jewish Literature and Culture
  • three upper-division core courses from the Jewish studies curriculum
  • four additional courses from the Jewish studies curriculum, two of which must be upper-division

Declaration of Minor Procedure

1. Download three forms:

2. Complete the declaration requirements for your major(s). Obtain your major adviser's signature on the Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and the UCSC Academic Planning Form.

*Even if you have already declared a major(s) in a previous quarter, you are still required to complete step two. Checking in with your major adviser beforehand verifies that the addition of the Jewish studies minor will not negatively impact your degree progress.

3. Meet with one of the Jewish studies faculty advisers to review and discuss your proposed plan of study. You may be advised to modify your plan to achieve greater breadth or concentration. Obtain your adviser's signature on your Jewish studies minor planning worksheet.

Faculty Advisers

Nathaniel Deutsch, Professor of History
Alma Heckman, Assistant Professor of History
Bruce Thompson, Lecturer in History and Literature

4. See the undergraduate program coordinator during drop-in advising hours to complete the declaration process. You must bring your completed Jewish studies minor planning worksheet, Petition for Major/Minor Declaration, and UCSC Academic Planning Form in order to complete the declaration process.